The farm is situated about 70 km North of the capital of Zambia, Lusaka, just off the Great North Road going to the Copper Belt. Currently the farm size is 1747 Hectares under Title Deed. The location and layout is ideal for a Game Lodge and Game Protection Area.

Our vision is to rebuild the farm to it's previous splendor with a few additions. The project will consist out of phases which will be completed in sequence to ensure timely returns. The total investment is $ 8 000 000.00 of which $ 2 000 000.00 was already utilized for the procurement of farm. We are requesting crowd funding to ensure the development continues. Each person who donates will be given a user name and password to have direct access to the daily updates regarding the developments. In hand with that each person will receive a 10% - 100% discount on any booked reservation starting from the scheduled opening of January 2020 forward. These discounts will be recurrent for each and every reservation every year for the period of 5 years and is transferable to any nominated person.

A breakdown of phases is available in the Article Section which will explain each and every phase and project for you to decide which one to support. We must emphasize that the end goal will be to empower and educate the local communities as well as outreach programs to schools all over the country to facilitate field training and survival courses which will take the form of a week long stay on the farm to educate the children in basic survival skills and educate them about the importance of conservation farming with game to ensure the future generations will have the privilege to see animals in their natural state. The total cost of these courses will partially be sponsored by donations so that all children may have this opportunity.

Tourist and visitors will be able to take part in these session if any is occurring while visiting. The visitor section will have full access to game ranching area on our network of roads throughout the farm. 

For further information please see the Article Section.


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BCT Team.